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Pioneer New Ways of Learning

Our digital learning solutions provide a highly adaptable and user-friendly remote learning experience. By unifying innovative technology with a vast ecosystem of trusted software, we unlock an endless string of possibilities that can be leveraged to serve your institution’s needs. Our learning management system will significantly enhance your educational offering and allow you to provide a stable, convenient and future-focused learning experience.


Seamless integration

Our LMS is designed to adapt to your organisation’s infrastructure and brand.



Our platform can be set up to cater to any student’s needs.


Blended Learning

Our highly customisable platform can easily be geared towards blended learning programmes.


Powered by AI

Accelerate the education process with minimal intervention by utilising machine learning algorithms that customise and streamline the digital learning process.


Inclusive Learning

We offer a learning experience that values the diversity of your students.


Expert Support

Our solutions are supported by industry experts, ensuring your learning programmes effortlessly turn students into skillful and world-ready talent.

A workspace of your own

The Black Ops Inc. platform allows each learner to customise their digital learning space, significantly increasing user adoption and engagement. If you would like to learn more, check out our demo.


Discover our world-class content solutions

Our targeted learning programmes ensure learners receive an intuitive and captivating education experience. Explore our content solutions to learn more.

Tailored pricing solutions to fit your institution’s budget and needs.

Our adaptable licensing options and modular pricing structure allow you to fulfil your learning without breaking the bank.