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Slide Digital Learning. Reimagined. A stimulating digital training solution that is adapted to align with your brand voice and values, complemented by a targeted learning strategy that focuses on fulfilling business objectives.

The digital union of training and technology

Transform raw talent into industry-relevant expertise with sophisticated digital solutions. By leveraging the profound potential of digital, you can significantly enhance business agility, sustain operational integrity and streamline training efforts. Our training solutions equip people with the ability to grasp the value of their talents and harness it in the modern business landscape.


Increase Revenue

with consistent world-class service


Streamline Job Placement

with targeted training programmes


Minimize Cost

by streamlining the onboarding process and accelerating job comprehension


Keep Clients Happy

with informed and industry-savvy partners


Reduce Staff Turnover

with tailored learning solutions


Cultivate Proficiency

and keep track of organisational influence

The new age of digital learning

Black Ops Inc. offers industry-leading training solutions through a fully scalable and highly customisable learning platform. Using agile technology practices, our ecosystem of product offerings seamlessly integrates into your existing business infrastructure, allowing you to easily observe and govern training efforts with tremendous simplicity and dexterity. This liberates your team from menial responsibilities, allowing you to redirect their talents to higher tier objectives.

A flexible and agile learning architecture

Our objective-focused and highly adaptable training programmes are developed to directly address your organisation’s needs. From harvesting key data to providing meticulously tailored insights, our team of industry experts are adept at creating robust and client-relevant digital training strategies, allowing you to swiftly provide and onboard world-class talent.

Our process


To kick things off, we listen to and interpret your training needs, translate it into a targeted training strategy and devise the best approach to fulfil your onboarding objectives.

Depending on your needs and industry, we either recommend the best courses to satisfy your training needs, or develop an entirely new learning solution to ensure you meet every one of your training goals.

Once we’ve designed your targeted training solution, we integrate it into your business infrastructure and start the onboarding procedure by setting up accounts, sharing information with relevant parties and unlocking access to training programmes.

Your training manager will receive regular reports detailing learners’ progress, providing deep insight into the programme’s efficiency and top prospective candidates. This data also allows us to even further customise, streamline and manage course material to best fit your training needs.